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“I knew I had potential. I didn’t know exactly what it would be, but I knew I needed to create something – something that was mine. I think a lot of people feel this way and now I know how to help them.”


–Sean Sandoval


Sean Sandoval

Founder / CEO
North Agenda Group

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Sean Sandoval is a self-taught entrepreneur with a passion for people, the music industry, and helping others see their ideas become things. He proved independent and resourceful at just 16 years old, when he tested out of school and left his home in Sunland, California. He spent the next few years couch surfing and making ends meet by selling art at Santa Monica Pier. A crash course in sales, taking risks and building relationships. Skills he’d use to become CEO of his own company years later.

In his early 20s, through a mutual friend, he met Jason Brown and Brian Dale – two man who played major roles in helping him develop his career by introducing him to people that would become mentors and lifelong friends. These mentors gave him his first production job as a Stagehand at The Fonda Theater, a popular music venue in Hollywood. Sandoval’s work ethic and openness to try anything made him the go-to guy – if there was a job to do, he would do it. This time in his life brought many new-found opportunities and fostered a craving for personal growth. After a short time at The Fonda, Sandoval was promoted to Stage Manager, which gave him serious leverage in the industry leading to Stage Manager work at venues all over Los Angeles. 

As Sandoval continued to gain experience and grow his network, new doors opened up, and he kept walking through them, eager to learn. His next big break came at just 21 years old, when Sandoval became a Production Manager for Coachella, one of the largest music festivals held in the U.S. From there, he accepted major roles for festivals across the country, including; Coachella, Panorama, Stagecoach, Electric Daisy Carnival, FYF, Camp Flog, Gnaw, and Desert Daze. In his late 20’s, Sandoval made the decision to leave The Fonda where his career had kicked off to start something of his own. 

Today, his passion for the work, dedicated learning habit, ability to recognize opportunities and willingness to say yes to them, continue to propel his career forward. In addition to consulting for popular music festivals and venues throughout the U.S., he has been a Guest Speaker at Fest Forums and has been featured on Daily Ovation. He is a Production Manager for Coachella and Touring Production Manager for recording artists, Nas and Miguel. 

Sandoval is also founder and CEO of North Agenda, a leading entertainment solutions company with a commitment to offering comprehensive consulting services, the most creative results, and the highest level of innovation in the industry while encouraging partnership, providing resources for brand development, and supporting individual growth of its employees, clients and brand partners. With Sandoval’s network of talented professionals built upon trusted brands that are backed by some of the most highly experienced individuals in the industry, North Agenda Group has grown into a dependable option for staffing, a creative solution for designing live entertainment experiences, and an opportunity for individuals looking to start a company in the entertainment industry.

North Agenda launched in June 2019 backing three brands; Stage Ops, Iridescent Events, and Quartz Talent Agency, with many more to come. 

Producer Sean Sandoval explains how to get Sponsorship for your event
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