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Complexcon 2017 - Long Beach, CA

Production Management + Artist Production Coordination

At Complexcon 2017 in Long Beach, CA, North Agenda Group played an essential role in ensuring the smooth execution of the event through our specialized production management services. Our involvement was focused entirely on the day-of and on-site coordination, where we took charge of managing and directing the client-provided crew and production elements. Our team worked diligently on the ground to synchronize all event activities, from setting up stages and coordinating technical adjustments to overseeing lighting, sound, and visual components. This hands-on approach enabled us to address and resolve any issues in real-time, ensuring that the event proceeded without any disruptions and maintained a high standard of production quality throughout.

A key highlight of Complexcon 2017 was the stellar lineup of performances that drew significant attention and excitement. Notable artists such as N.E.R.D., Migos, and Young Thug delivered electrifying sets that captivated the audience and were a major attraction of the event. Our production management services ensured that each performance was flawlessly executed by coordinating closely with the talent and their teams to meet their specific needs. By managing the on-site logistics and ensuring that all technical requirements were met, we contributed to creating an unforgettable experience for attendees. Our efforts allowed the client to focus on the creative aspects of the event, knowing that the production management was in expert hands. This successful execution showcased our ability to handle high-profile events and underscored our commitment to delivering exceptional production management services.

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