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North Agenda Group thrives on bringing together people to execute their vision.

Our team ensures your vision comes to life with detailed, realistic renderings, leveraging our expertise and advanced tools.

Venue & Set Visualization

We ensure the best vendors and staff are in place for your event, thanks to our extensive industry connections and coordination skills.

Vendor & Staffing Coordination

Our comprehensive staffing solutions guarantee the right personnel for your event, sourced through our professional network.

Staffing Solutions

We provide top-tier food and beverage options, tailored to fit your event's unique needs through our established partnerships.

Food & Beverage Procurement

Your event's safety is paramount. We ensure comprehensive medical and security coverage through our trusted professional alliances.

Medical & Security Oversight

Efficient traffic and parking management is achieved through our strategic planning and expert management practices.

Ticketing and RFID Integration

Efficient traffic and parking management is achieved through our strategic planning and expert management practices.

Traffic & Parking Management

Our Process Management and Support


We develop innovative engagement strategies, ensuring high audience interaction and satisfaction.

Audience Engagement Strategies

Our venue designs offer innovative and captivating setups, enhancing the overall event experience.

Innovative Venue Designs

Our creative set concepts result in visually striking and memorable stages for your event.

Creative Set Concepts

Our lighting and audio designs are created to provide a dynamic and immersive experience.

Dynamic Lighting & Audio Design

We create stunning media displays, enhancing the visual experience of your event.

Compelling Media Displays

We execute targeted marketing campaigns tailored to your event's audience for maximum impact.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

We ensure extensive media coverage, maximizing your event's exposure and reach.

Media Coverage Coordination

We integrate merchandise strategies seamlessly, ensuring a cohesive event experience.

Strategic Merchandise Integration


We ensure flawless venue coordination, leveraging our strong relationships with venue management teams.

Venue Coordination

We provide comprehensive insurance solutions, ensuring peace of mind with coverage tailored to your event.

Insurance & Liability Oversight

We offer specialized architectural and engineering support, guaranteeing structural integrity and compliance.

Architectural & Engineering Support

We ensure all necessary permits are obtained efficiently, leveraging our experience and regulatory knowledge.

Review & Permit Processes

Our strategic planning services help navigate political landscapes and regulatory requirements, ensuring smooth operations.

Strategic Political Planning

We manage community impact, ensuring your event positively contributes to the local area.

Community Impact Management


We oversee all physical production elements, delivering exceptional results through our expert management.

Physical Production Services

Our on-site supervision ensures flawless execution, backed by our experienced event management professionals.

On-Site Event Supervision

Expert technical installations are provided, ensuring state-of-the-art setups for your event.

Technical Installations

Seamless coordination with vendors and talent is achieved through our extensive industry network.

Vendor & Talent Coordination

We provide comprehensive box office solutions, ensuring efficient ticket sales and distribution.

Box Office Management

Our credentialing processes ensure secure and organized access control, managed efficiently by our team.

Credentials Administration


Our team provides effective budget planning and management, ensuring optimal use of resources.

Budget Planning and Management

We maximize promotional impact by allocating budgets efficiently for best results.

Promotional Budget Allocation

Our detailed expense reconciliation ensures transparency and accuracy in all financial matters.

Expense Reconciliation

We streamline vendor payment processes, ensuring timely and accurate financial transactions.

Vendor Payment Administration

We provide comprehensive financial analysis and reporting, delivering valuable insights.

Financial Analysis and Reporting

Accurate profit and loss forecasting is achieved through our expert financial planning.

Profit/Loss Forecasting

Efficient payroll coordination is managed by our dedicated team, ensuring timely compensation.

Payroll Coordination


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We secure competitive pricing, ensuring the best value for your event through skilled negotiations

Competitive Pricing Negotiations

Our client advocacy ensures your interests are represented and prioritized at all times.

Client Advocacy Services

We provide comprehensive contract oversight, ensuring all terms are met and managed efficiently.

Direct and Indirect Contract Oversight

We optimize expenses, ensuring cost-effective solutions for every aspect of your event.

Expense Analysis and Optimization

Efficient management of third-party contracts ensures smooth operations and compliance.

Third-Party Contract Management

Our contract management services cover all aspects, ensuring thorough and effective oversight.

Comprehensive Contract Management


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