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What We Do

  • Event Ideation

  • Talent Coordination

  • Content Creation

  • Marketing & Promotion

  • Live Streaming / Broadcast

  • Onsite Event Management

  • Budget Management

  • Graphic & Production Design

  • Security

  • Permit & Liability Management

  • Lighting, Sound & Video

  • Medical Services

  • Event Staffing

  • Site Procurement & Design

End to End Production Solutions.

Partners That Back Us

“Sean's experience developing new companies, building and designing venues, festivals, tours, advising, consulting and just being a go-to person in the music industry makes him an asset to be valued. I am proud to have become his partner at Quartz Talent Agency LLC and am excited about what the future holds for us and our clients!” 


Virginia Arlene

Quartz Talent Agency

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