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Desert Daze Festival 2016

Full Production Services + Vendor Facilitation + Stage Design

For the Desert Daze Festival 2016, we provided comprehensive production management and staffing services, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience for both attendees and performers. Our team took charge of full stage designs, crafting visually stunning and functional setups that catered to the unique needs of each performance. We brought in all necessary production vendors, meticulously coordinating with them to guarantee that every aspect of the event ran smoothly. This included everything from sound and lighting to special effects, ensuring that every performance was enhanced to its fullest potential. Additionally, we worked closely with all the artists prior to their arrival, managing their production needs and arrival times to ensure a seamless integration into the festival’s schedule.

One of the major highlights of the Desert Daze Festival 2016 was the impressive lineup of performers, which included top artists such as The Black Angels, Primus, and Brian Jonestown Massacre. Their performances were a significant draw for the festival, attracting a large and enthusiastic crowd. Our team’s coordination efforts ensured that each artist had everything they needed for a successful show, from sound checks to stage setups. The festival featured a diverse range of musical genres, creating an eclectic and exciting atmosphere that kept the audience engaged throughout the event. By handling all aspects of production and vendor facilitation, we ensured that Desert Daze Festival 2016 was a standout event, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who attended.

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