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ShipKicker Festival - Long Beach

Production Management + Artist Production Coordination

At the ShipKicker Festival in Long Beach, our team provided exemplary production management and artist production coordination services. Our role focused on ensuring seamless execution of day-of and on-site services without involving pre-planning stages. Our production manager was integral in coordinating the client-provided crew and production elements, ensuring that all aspects of the event ran smoothly. We facilitated the setup and execution of various performances, enhancing the experience for both the artists and the audience. Notably, our efforts were central to the success of the festival, where artists like Gwen Stefani, Ice Cube, and Wiz Khalifa delivered spectacular performances, drawing large crowds and creating a memorable event atmosphere.

Throughout the festival, our production manager handled on-the-fly adjustments and coordinated with stage managers and technical crews to address any arising challenges promptly. This included managing the intricate logistics of lighting, sound, and staging, ensuring that each performance was executed flawlessly. The highlights of the event included dynamic performances that captivated the audience, with the vibrant backdrop of Long Beach adding to the overall ambiance. Our coordination efforts ensured that the artists' requirements were met, allowing them to focus solely on delivering their best performances. This approach not only bolstered the festival's reputation but also enhanced the overall attendee experience, making ShipKicker Festival a standout event in Long Beach's vibrant cultural calendar

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