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Just Like Heavan 2022 - Pasadena Ca

Production Management + Crew Coordination

At the "Just Like Heaven 2022" event in Pasadena, CA, North Agenda Group provided essential day-of and on-site production management services to ensure the smooth execution of this highly anticipated music festival. Our experienced production manager coordinated all aspects of the event's logistics, working closely with the client’s crew to oversee the setup and operation of sound, lighting, and visual systems. This included managing the timely installation and functionality of equipment to ensure that the festival's high standards were met. Our on-the-ground expertise allowed us to adapt quickly to any real-time challenges, ensuring that the event ran seamlessly from start to finish.

The festival featured an impressive lineup of performances from renowned artists such as Interpol, Modest Mouse, The Shins, and M.I.A., alongside other notable acts like Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, and Santigold. Our production manager played a crucial role in coordinating the performances, ensuring that each artist's set went off without a hitch. By maintaining clear and constant communication with the client’s crew, we facilitated a flawless event experience for both the performers and the audience. The success of "Just Like Heaven 2022" was a testament to our ability to provide top-notch production management services, enhancing the overall festival experience and ensuring that the event was memorable for all attendees

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