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Pandora Discovery Den SXSW - Austin TX

Production Management + Artist Production Coordination

At the Pandora Discovery Den during SXSW in Austin, TX, North Agenda Group provided critical on-site production management services to ensure the event's success. Our dedicated production manager was responsible for coordinating the client-provided crew and overseeing all production elements on the day of the event. This involved ensuring that the setup for sound, lighting, and staging was executed flawlessly, creating a seamless environment for the live performances. The event featured an impressive lineup of artists, including popular talents that drew significant crowds and generated a vibrant atmosphere. Our production manager's role was crucial in managing the logistics and ensuring that each performance transitioned smoothly, allowing artists to deliver memorable sets without any hitches.

Throughout the event, our production manager worked diligently to address any real-time issues, coordinating with the client's crew to maintain an efficient and organized flow. The highlight of the Pandora Discovery Den was undoubtedly the series of electrifying performances by well-known artists, which captivated the audience and created a buzz at SXSW. Notable acts included emerging talents and surprise guest appearances that kept the energy high and the crowd engaged. By providing expert on-site coordination, North Agenda Group ensured that Pandora's event not only ran smoothly but also stood out as a highlight of the festival, showcasing our capability to manage high-profile events with precision and professionalism.

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