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Stella Artois - Life is Beautiful Fest 2021

Production Management + Staffing Services +Vendor Sourcing + Lighting Design

For the Stella Artois booth at the Life is Beautiful Fest 2021, we provided comprehensive production management and staffing services to ensure a captivating and smoothly executed activation. Our responsibilities included the design and implementation of the booth, creating an engaging and visually appealing environment that perfectly represented the Stella Artois brand. We supplied all the necessary technicians and labor to bring the design to life, ensuring that every technical aspect, from lighting to sound, was flawlessly executed. Additionally, we provided a structural engineer to approve the client’s drawings, ensuring the booth met all safety and structural requirements.

Our involvement was crucial in transforming the Stella Artois booth into a standout feature at the festival. Although we did not source any materials, our expertise in design and technical execution made a significant impact on the booth's overall success. The interactive elements and immersive experiences we helped create drew attendees in, providing them with memorable moments and enhancing their engagement with the brand. Our team's dedication to ensuring every detail was perfect contributed to the high level of foot traffic and positive feedback from festival-goers, solidifying the Stella Artois booth as a highlight of the Life is Beautiful Fest 2021.

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